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 Who is Classic Auto Locks?


     1.) A company dedicated to the preservation of the

         classic car & truck industry world wide.


   2.) A company which has invested thousands of hours

         in research and development since 1989.


   3.) A company which guarantees all of it's high quality

         reproductions to meet or exceed original OEM quality.


   4.) A company that guarantees same day shipping! All

         orders are boxed and shipped by 3:00 pm on the same

         date ordered.


   5.) A company that started with high standards and a 100%

         commitment to our dealers & customers, and we're not

         going to change!


   6.) Contact any of our 300 plus dealers today for the best 

         OEM quality reproductions and locks available anywhere!


                      Call today!   903-432-4342 












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